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As you know by now, Pinoy is currently on the Market for $15M. We value this Domain Name only for its Top level Premium .COM status thanks to All of you. You are here because you are Pinoy or someone told you to go here. We block all search engines including Google bot and Alexa for experimental purpose to measure the Power of the Premium word “PINOY” in tracking Direct, Social Media, and Word Of Mouth visits only.

You can find Pinoy listed on AyosNito, Craiglist, OLX, OLX AyosDito, etc. Listings may be expired and are updated periodically.

We are not desperately trying sell and are not in a hurry. To start negotiations with our Broker, You or your Party must be able to initiate a $50K initial deposit plus Fees. We are closed for Negotiations without the initial Fee and will not be entertained to sell at a lower Price offer. $15M is chump change to the net-worth of the owners of Pinoy. Price is subject to change that will increase from a $M to a $B as we continue to develop and discover New powerful software to run this Domain. For now we will use all current Open Source/CMS Engines and Apps available to continue to Demo Pinoy. It’s only a matter of time. Imagine what you can do now.

F.Y.I. You are Pinoy! Don’t deny yourself and the Power of Pinoy. Mabuhay Tayong Mga Pinoy!


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